Samsung Galaxy S20 Series BTS Bright Night Commercial / Advert Music

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series BTS Commercial / TV Advert

Samsung has released a series of new commercials starring the K-pop boy band BTS to promote the new Galaxy S20 and showcase some of its most important features.

One of the spots focuses on the Bright Night mode, which pulls in more light, and shows the group’s members having fun together and taking photos in low light. “See more light. Capture more night. Found with Galaxy S20 Series” onscren lines read throughout the 15-second ad, which is scored by BTS’ single “Best of Me”.

RM, V, Suga, j-hope, Jimin and Jungkook (the band’s members) have also starred in another series of ads for the Galaxy S20 Series. They are all featured in separate ads, though, staying at home and doing different things with the brand’s new flagship device, such as videocalling, taking selfies, playing music and more.

The main commercial for the Galaxy S20 Series follows a young woman with freckles taking photos at a pool party and showcases features like the 100x Space Zoom, 8K Video Snap, 108MP High Resolution, Bright Night, and 5G speed.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 was unveiled in February, at the Samsung event, and arrived in stores on March 6. Fans had the chance to save up to $850 on the all-new Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup with qualified activation and trade-in.

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