Quibi 2020 Series: Gone Mental with Lior (Trailer Song)

Gone Mental with Lior (Trailer Quibi) - Lior Suchard

Quibi has released the trailer for its upcoming reality show Gone Mental with Lior, featuring Lior Suchard.

The mentalist teams with celebrities and guides them through mind-blowing mental stunts. There are eight episodes, each dedicated to a celebrity. In the first episode, Suchard tries to predict all of Gronk’s moves, in the second episode he brings the heat and an unwanted guest to David Dobrik’s home, and in the third episode reads the minds of Kate and Oliver Hudson. He also interacts with Ben Stiller, Zooey Deschanel, James Corden, Ludacris, and a number of WWE superstars.

The trailer, scored by “Mental” by Kj-52 deat. Tedashi & Soul Glow Activator, gives viewers a glimpse into Suchard’s stunts and the celebrities’ reactions. Gronk is shown temporarily losing his strength, Kate Hudson seeing the image of an object she had thought about, judging by her reaction, and Zooey Deschanel telling Suchard he’s an wizard.

All episodes are now available for streaming.

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