Portal from Facebook Under Pressure Commercial Song

Portal from Facebook Commercial - Under Pressure

The spot opens with the tagline “If you can’t be there, feel there” flashing across the screen and goes on with footage of a diverse cast of different ages, nationalities and walks of life keeping in touch with their dear ones.

Viewers can thus see how families, relatives and friends manage to spend quality time together, despite the physical distance between them, by playing games together, cooking together, dancing, holding training sessions, sketch sessions, attending meetings, celebrating milestones and more, all with the help of Portal from Facebook.

“There are stories to be told. Routines to be kept. Meetings to be attended. Games to be played. Recipes to be shares. Milestones to be celebrated. Laughs to be had. And dancing to be done. Because when this is all over, we’ll be closer than ever” onscreen lines read throughout the 60-second video, which is set to the tune of the hit single “Under Pressure” by Queen & David Bowie.

The Portal from Facebook “feels less like a video call and more like you’re in the same room – even when you’re miles apart,” according to the tech giant. The device features built-in Amazon Alex, Smart Sound and a Smart Camera that automatically pans and zooms to keep you in frame, which means that you can move and talk freely. Created “with privacy, safety and security in mind,” the Portal has clear and simple settings, so you stay in control. You can completely disable the camera and microphone, if you want, with just a single tap, or block the camera lens with the camera cover provided. Facebook declares that, for added security, Smart Camera uses AI technology that runs locally on Portal, not on Facebook servers, and that Portal’s camera does not use facial recognition and does not identify who you are. Like other voice-enabled devices, Portal only sends voice commands to Facebook servers after you say “Hey Portal.” You can delete Portal’s voice history in your Facebook Activity Log. People are also ensured that Facebook doesn’t listen to, view or keep the contents of Portal video calls. “Your Portal conversations stay between you and the people you’re calling,” states Facebook on the presentation page of the Portal.

In the past, Facebook showcased the line-up of Portals in a commercial featuring the Muppets, who are reunited through video calling with a Portal from Facebook.

Launched on November 8, 2018, the Facebook Portal line-up includes the 10.1-inch Portal, the 15.6-inch Portal Plus, Portal Mini and Portal TV, that provide smart video calling. Prices range from $129 to $349. Customers can enjoy fast and easy returns within 30 days when purchasing the Portal from Facebook. Those living in the United States can also enjoy free shipping.

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