Porta Möbel Stay At Home Babies Commercial Song (Werbung Lied)

Porta Möbel Werbung - Stay At Home Babies

Porta, one of the largest furniture retailers in Germany, rewards quarantined couples with a charming discount and has released a commercial to announce it.

The spot, part of the #StayAtHomeBabies campaign, created by agency Jung von Matt, features only beds moving to imply the idea of a couple being intimate, whilst onscreen lines inform how specific events impacted the birthrate.

“A one-day blizzard in Muenster 30% birthrate increase,” “Two days of hurricane Sandy in New Jersey 35% birthrate increase,” “Three days of blackout in Maasdriel 44% birthrate increase,” “Already over 30 days #StayAtHome Better be prepared. Order a new bed now. Get a baby bed for free if you get pregnant” onscreen lines read throughout the 30-second commercial.

The soundtrack music is “Offenbach: Can-Can : Can-Can (Orpheus In The Underworld)” by José Serebrier.

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