OREO Stay Home Stay Playful Commercial Song

Oreo Commercial - Family Cycling at Home

OREO highlights, in a brand new commercial, that “We need to stay playful now, more than ever.”
The spot, entitled “Stay home. Stay playful,” includes footage of different families as they are in quarantine and try to deal with the challenges they face throughout the day, spend quality time with their family, keep in touch with their friends.

The soundtrack is an original song that highlights that, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, when we are forced to stay home, we are coming together (some maybe even more than before). The track also encourages people to stay connected and playful.

The song lyrics are below:

“Mom uses to say ‘go out and play.’
Inside is where we ‘gon play today.
Not just the little ones, grown-ups too.
Checkin’ the world with a different view.
Now, it’s the virtual thing that’s done.
Party online, now that’s the real fun.
Distance could never put an end to this vibe.
We’re comin’ together, while we’re staying inside.
Let’s stay connected, one with the flow.
Let’s stay playful, OREO.”

The brand’s global “Stay Playful” campaign, created by The Martin Agency, debuted in February 2019 with a TV commercial starring musician Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son Sebastian. For the ad, which premiered during the Grammy Awards on February 10 and ran in North America, the rapper recorded an original song entitled “Playful 4 Life”.

Another spot in the campaign celebrated modern dads by featuring a father who plays chess with his preteenage son using Oreos as pieces.

In a recent commercial, OREO promoted its two limited-edition OREO TROLLS WORLD TOUR cookies, which are inspired by characters from the movie, named Queen Poppy and Tiny Diamond.

Queen Poppy Oreos, described as having “pink-colored creme with glitter”, have the usual OREO logo on one side and one of several Poppy-themed designs on the other side. The cookie part is a regular Golden Oreo, both in color and taste, and the creme is a neon pink color. The Tiny Diamond Oreo cookies, described as having “green-colored creme with glitter and popping candy,” feature a classic chocolate Ore and a cream in a minty green color, with popping candy in it.

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