Netflix 2020 Movies: Dangerous Lies – Trailer

Dangerous Lies (Netflix 2020 Movies) - Trailer - Actress Camila Mendes

Netflix has released the trailer for Dangerous Lies, a new thriller starring Camila Mendes.

According to the official synopsis, the film, directed by Michael M. Scott from a script by David Golden, follows Katie Franklin (Camila Mendes), a young woman who, after losing her waitressing job, becomes the caretaker and close friend of the wealthy elderly man (Elliott Gould) she has been hired to care for and inherits his wealth and massive Chicago estate when he unexpectedly passes away. Soon, she and her husband, Adam (Jessie T. Usher), find themselves pulled into a “complex web of lies, deception, and murder.” “If she’s going to survive, Katie will have to question everyone’s motives – even the people she loves,” the plot also reveals.

The trailer, scored by a dramatic song, whose lyrics include “Now the wait is over,” gives viewers a glimpse into Katie’s life, including the moment she find the man, Mr. Wellsley, dead in his home. Different scenes show that mysterious men are following them and someone breaks into their house.

Dangerous Lies launches on the streaming service at the end of this month, on April 30.

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