Hershey’s Commercial: Heartwarming At Home

Hershey's Heartwarming At Home Commercial

Hershey’s has released a heartwarming video, that carries the #heartwarmingathome hashtag.

“We’ve all been given a challenge. A chance. To use this time we feel most alone, to come together” onscreen lines read throughout the ad, which is a 30-second montage of real-life footage of different people as they practice social distancing. Videos of kids enjoying various Hershey’s products are also included.

In March, the brand decided to pull two spots featuring Bob Williams and Diggy Moreland handing out Hershey bars to strangers, often with hugs and handshakes. “Sadly, we have decided to temporarily replace two of our ads that feature human interaction, that include hugging and handshakes, due to the current sensitivities surrounding the COVID-19 virus,” Hershey Co. Chief Marketing Officer Jill Baskin said in a press statement. The respective ads have been replaced with ads featuring only chocolate bars, text, and voiceover.

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