Heineken Stay Apart. Stay Together Commercial – Ode to Close Poem

Heineken Commercial - Stay Apart. Stay Together

“We’re further apart. Yet, we’re closer than ever. We can’t be near to all those who matter right now, but we can stay connected.” this is the message conveyed by Heineken in its latest commercial, which is an “Ode to Close”.

Created by Publicis Italia, the spot features a montage of real-life footage of different people as they do all kinds of greetings that are now off-limits, such as shaking hands, fist bumping, thumb wrestling, kissing, hugging, holding closely, and more.

The voiceover recites the Ode to Close poem, whose lyrics are as follows, pointing out, at the end, that “now it’s staying apart that brings us closer than ever”.

“The handshakes, the high-five,
the fist bumps, the flirt eyes,
the team breaks, dap greetings,
thumb wrestling, and cheek pinching,
hi kisses, bye kisses, air kisses, French kisses,
back-slaps, the love taps, the happy claps,
the hugging, the piggy backs, the holding,
the bear hugs, the strolling, the squeezing,
the hand-in-hand, the eye-to-eye,
holding closely, the hugging goodbye.
With the million ways of being together…
…now it’s staying apart that brings us closer than ever.”

Three years ago, the beer brand launched “Ode to openness” for the zero-alcohol version of the beer as part of the “Open your world” campaign.

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