HBO 2020 Series: Perry Mason (Trailer Song)

HBO 2020 Series: Perry Mason - Trailer Actor

HBO has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming original drama series Perry Mason, starring Emmy winner Matthew Rhys.

The show, based on the characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner, is set in 1930 Los Angeles and follows the origins of American Fiction’s most legendary criminal defense lawyer, Perry Mason. According to the official synopsis, “When the case of the decade breaks down his door, Mason’s relentless pursuit of the truth reveals a fractured city and just maybe, a pathway to redemption for himself”.

The series, an update on the Perry Mason TV series which ran from 1957 to 1966 with Raymond Burr in the leading role, also stars Emmy Award Winners Tatiana Maslany and John Lithgow, Shea Whigham, Juliet Rylance, and Matt Frewer.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the show, without revealing too much, though. Serving as soundtrack is
Radiohead’s “Life In A Glasshouse”, from the band’s fifth studio album, “Amnesiac”.

Perry Mason, consisting of eight episodes, will premiere this summer, on June 21.

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