GoDaddy Commercial Song: Open We Stand


GoDaddy Commercial - Open We Stand - Girl on the Couch

GoDaddy has launched a new campaign, titled “Open We Stand,” to highlight that it offers resources to its business clients to help stay open during these tough times.

Open. Remember having that feeling for the first time? The first day you opened? The first time you had a customer, the first day you taught a class? Had a patient, a session?” the voiceover asks in the opening of the 60-second ad, which features a montage of different small business owners placing the “Sorry we’re closed” sign on the front door and taking down the shutters. The voiceover then continues his speech by asking viewers if they remember the night before they opened and highlights that “there’s a different question we are being asked now: are you going to remain open even though your doors are closed?” “Open, that’s how we show who we are and there’s another way to be open, to pull together or push, depending on the door, and we are making it work and we will continue to make it work together because open we stand,” the voiceover adds toward the end of the ad, which also informs that the web hosting company is now giving free products, tools and resources to support its customers during these times.

Serving as soundtrack is a song by Asha.

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