GEICO Clogging Problem Commercial – Clog Dancers

A couple faces a “clogging problem” in their flat in the latest GEICO ad, which promotes the company’s renters and car insurance.

The spot features the young couple in their kitchen, talking about the things they like the new apartment they’re renting and mentioning the natural light and the hardwood floors. However, not everything is amazing. It turns out there is actually a quite big problem due to their neighbors, who are clog dancers. Apparently, the family can’t help doing their dance (which implies wearing inflexible, wooden-soled clogs and doing many different types of sound using their feet alone) not even when they’re eating or doing various household chores.

The protagonists, however, seem to get over this “clogging problem” because GEICO makes it easy to bundle their renters and car insurance, which helps them save even more.

“For bundling made easy, visit GEICO,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.