FOX Coronavirus Pandemic Commercial Song – We’re In This Together

FOX Coronavirus Pandemic Commercial

FOX has released a heartwarming 60-second video, thanking all of the hard-working healthcare professionals on the
front line of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

“To all first responders. To all nurses & doctors. You give us hope. Thank you from all of us at FOX” onscreen lines read throughout the 60-second spot.

The soundtrack is an emotional song titled “We’re In This Together” and composed by ClassicFictionMusic, whose lyrics are the following: “If you listen close, you can hear one heart beating. And you can find a friend in every face. We’re different colors, different voices, different shapes with different choices shining our lights through the galaxy. Even though some days are harder and the road it can get dark, you gotta be strong… for the sun. Cause if you keep on singing, keep on loving, the whole world will sing along. We’re in this together”.

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