Coors Slice Lime Commercial Song

Coors Slice Lime Commercial

Coors Light has released a new ad to announce that Coors Slice has a new partner in lime.

The refreshing taste of Coors has a new partner in lime. Just a hint of lime. Coors Slice – available in Orange and now in Lime,” the voiceover says on the 15-second spot, which features the two Coors Slice varietes.

The soundtrack is the 2019 single “Break My Face” by New York City based indie pop band AJR, from their third studio album album, “Neotheater”.

Coors Slice Orange and Coors Slice Lime are now available in stores. The product lineup for both flavors includes 473mL singles, 355mL 4-pack, 355mL 12-pack, 355mL 8-pack, and 473mL 8-pack.

The brand now also offers a 12 Summer Mixer, which contains 4 Coors Slice Orange, 4 Coors Slice Lime and 4 Coors Light, 355mL each. It also encourages you to share your #CoorsSlice to show how, where and with whom you enjoy Coors Slice.

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