Aéropostale Oneness Commercial Song


Aéropostale Oneness Commercial Song

Aéropostale has launched its Summer 2020 campaign with a commercial that introduces the newest cast of AeroWorld ambassadors.

The spot features the new AeroWorld ambassadors sharing their vision on oneness. “Oneness is acceptance, celebrating individuality, living in harmony, and supporting one another,” “Oneness means solidarity, uniting with people you normally wouldn’t and understanding that none of us are free until we’re all free,” “When I think of oneness I always think of uniting all of us together.” These are some of the statements made by the young brand ambassadors, who include Winter, a nonprofit founder and voting rights advocate, Pipe, a native Colombian whose passions include salsa, travel and fashion, Miranda, an enthusiastic lover of arts and entertainment, Claudio, a natural-born musician, Miranda, Kristya, of Mayan upbringing, and more. They are all featured wearing pieces from the brand’s new collection.

The soundtrack music is provided by “Dis̄ kô Dis̄ kô” by musical duo Yin Yin.

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