Aaron’s Commercial – Mother Who Loves Her New Living Room

Aaron's Commercial - Woman in Yellow Dress Tracy

Aaron’s, the industry leader in lease ownership, which provides affordable payment plans for brand name furniture,
electronics and appliances, advertises its services in a new commercial.

The 30-second spot follows a woman on the bus, as she gets back home from work, to her happy place. “I work pretty hard.

Always have. But I don’t mind. Because I know what’s waiting for me at home,” she says looking through the bus window.

Arrived home, she is heard continuing her speech and revealing that what’s waiting for her at home is “her heart”, “her treasures”. If, at first, viewers are led to believe she is referring to her kids, it turns out she was actually talking about her brand-new living room from Aaron’s. She also mentions that she got an affordable monthly payment and her credit wasn’t a problem.

The spot also shows that the protagonist loves her furniture so much she doesn’t allow her son to eat his cereal there, sitting in an armchair. “They say all you need is love… Oh, boy, I love this chair,” the woman adds while lounging in her favorite chair.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the lease-to-own retailer’s tagline, “Aaron’s for your happy place”.

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