Yves Saint Laurent Zoë Kravitz Brown Gold Kaia Bag YSL Commercial Song

YSL Zoë Kravitz Commercial

Yves Saint Laurent has released a short new video starring Zoë Kravitz to showcase the Kaia bag.

The YSL ambassador is featured in an all-black outfit, consisting of a gilet, shorts, and above-the-knee leather boots, wearing the cross-body bag with flap and embossed SAINT LAURENT, in smooth vintage leather and Brown gold.
The spot, directed by Juergen Teller, is set to the tune of the French song “Je Voudrais Tant Que Tu Comprennes” by Marie Laforet.

This is not the first collaboration with the brand. Zoë Kravitz worked with YSL for a Limited Edition Rouge Pur Couture lipstick, inspired by her favorite Saint Laurent bag and her signature Black Opium bottle. The limited edition lipstick comes in three reds and three nudes, with three unique finishes; satin, matte, and shimmer.

Earlier this year, Zoë Kravitz was spotted in the YSL Fall/Winter 2020 show, held in February at the Paris Fashion Week, on the stunning grounds of Fontaine du Trocadero, in the front row, along several other celebrities including BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Hailey Bieber, and more.

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