When the Street Lights Go On (Quibi Series) – Trailer Song


When the Street Lights Go On - Quibi Series

Quibi has released the trailer for the young adult murder mystery “When the Street Lights Go On”.

The show, from writers Chris Hutton and Eddie O’Keefe and director Rebecca Thomas (who has also worked on the Netflix hit series Stranger Things), is set in the summer of 1995 and follows the aftermath of the murder of a young girl named Chrissy Monroe, that rocks the community. According to the official synopsis, “the victim’s sister and her high school peers must struggle to find a sense of normalcy while coming of age in the midst of the murder investigation”.

The cast includes Chosen Jacobs, Queen Latifah, Sophie Thatcher, Tony Hale, Ben Ahler, Sam Strike, Julia Sarah Stone, Mark Duplass, Kristine Froseth, and Nnamdi Asomugha.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of Rebecca’s peers in the summer of that year, when the single of the season of Seal’s “Kiss from a rose” and Jim Carrey was the biggest star in Hollywood. The narrator (who is the protagonist, too) says “most people aren’t aware of the exact moment when they lose their innocence” because “this usually happens slowly” and adds that for him it was all at once (given the fact that it was him the one who found Rebecca’s dead body in the woods).

The soundtrack music is “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen” by SATV Music.

The 10-episode series launches April 6.

Designed to be viewed on mobile devices with content that can be consumed in 10 minutes or less, Quibi is set to launch on April 6, with a two-tier pricing system: $4.99 with ads and $7.99 without ads.

The entertainment platform, whose name comes from “quick bites,” made its commercial debut with a 30-second Super Bowl commercial right after the kickoff. Subsequent ads gave viewers a glimpse into the drama, comedy, reality TV shows available for streaming, such as the survival thriller Survive starring Sophie Turner, the horror thriller The Stranger, the remake of the Harrison Ford film The Fugitive, starring Kiefer Sutherland, the cat-and-mouse thriller Most Dangerous Game, starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, a reimagining of the reality prank series “Punk’d,” and more.

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