Tropicana Orange Juice Commercial Song – Sip Your Sunshine

Tropicana Orange Juice Commercial Family

Tropicana urges Americans to brighten their morning with its Pure Premium Orange Juice.

The brand has released a new ad that features a diverse cast of people as they enjoy Tropicana at breakfast and in various other moments during the day. A mother is drinking Tropicana while her kids are having breakfast, a father is also drinking the orange juice while his teenage daughter is flipping pancakes, another father is drinking it while his toddler is in the kitchen sink having a bath, and another father is drinking it while sitting on the stairs, with his kids, in front of their flat.

“Every glass of Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice has a million little sips of sunshine,” the voiceover says in the opening of the 30-second spot, mentioning that “it’s a delicious daily dose of vitamin C, it’s 100% real oranges, it’s a 70-year tradition, bringing a moment of brightness to every morning, everywhere”.

The commercial, scored by the 2020 single “Sunshine Your Way” by The Hot Damns, ends with the voiceover adding the brand’s tagline, “Sip Your Sunshine”.

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