Taco Bell Triplelupa TikTok Dad Commercial Song

Taco Bell Triplelupa Commercial

Taco Bell promotes its new Triplelupa, consisting of three mini chalupas all in one, with a combination of sauces, in a new commercial, part of a campaign launched in partnership with ByteDance-owned viral video app TikTok.

The spot is created in vertical video format (replicating the look of viewing TikTok on a smartphone screen) and features a dad presented as #TikTokDad who dresses as an “eboy,” an emo-like aesthetic popular on the platform and appears to do the “Renegade” dance, all while describing the features of the Triplelupa. “It’s three mini chalupas with three different flavors,” the man says who, after declaring that Taco Bell reinvented the chalupa with the new Triplelupa, nods that he can also reinvent himself. “I’m not like other dads, I’m an influencer,” he also brags at the camera before being caught by his teenage kids while he’s riding a sweep.

The soundtrack music is “Lottery” (aka Renegade) by Atlanta rapper K Camp.

The Triplelupa made its debut on the fast-food chain’s menu on March 12 and will be available for a limited time only, or $3.49.

“At Taco Bell, we recognize and love the fandom that the Chalupa has cultivated over the years, and it’s why we want to bring our fans an all-new flavor and shell experience with the Triplelupa,”” said Kristine Futalan, Taco Bell’s lead on the Triplelupa, in a press release.

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