Progressive Mara & Flo in Karaoke Bar Commercial

Progressive Mara Commercial - Actress Natalie Palamides

Progressive’s latest commercial features a new character, named Mara and played by Natalie Palamides.

The spot, titled “Off the Mara-ket,” is set in a karaoke bar, where Jamie performs in the background. Mara, who sits at a table with Flo, is approached by several men whom she manages to make back away by revealing annoying details about herself. First, she says she has a back rash, then she shows off her (annoying) laugh, and, when a third man tries to talk to her, she starts a speech about how bundling Home and Auto with Progressive can help you save money. However, after the last man walks away, she is encouraged by Flo to continue as she was interested in hearing more.

Flo, created by agency Arnold Worldwide, is played by actress/comedian Stephanie Courtney, who took over this role for TV in 2008. Courtney also portrayed other members of Flo’s family, including her sister, Janice, her brother, Todd, as well as her parents and grandfather.

In 2011, Progressive introduced an Australian counterpart to Flo, named Kitty, played by Australian actress Holly Austin.

In 2017, the insurance company tapped actor Jim Cashman to play Jamie, Flo’s co-worker. In one of the spots, dubbed “Jamie’s Twin”, he even had a doppelganger, played by British actor Jack Turner.

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