Progressive Bigfoot Commercial

Progressive Bigfoot and Flo Commercial

Progressive advertises its bundle offer on home and outdoor vehicles in a new commercial featuring its longtime
spokeswoman, Flo.

The spot, entitled “Sadsquatch,” features Stephanie Courtney’s character in the woods, talking to Bigfoot, who’s complaining that people don’t care anymore about him. If, a while ago, they were traveling to those places just to take a blurry photo of him, now they are interested more in showcasing their vehicles or simply enjoying nature.
She tries to make Sasquatch feel better by explaining that people got other things to do now because Progressive helps them save when they bundle their home with their outdoor vehicles but, as she does that, she calls him “Bigfoot,” which proves a wrong move. Looking at his foot, he tells her his name is Darryl.

Flo, created by agency Arnold Worldwide, made her TV debut in 2008 and has since appeared in hundreds of commercials for the insurance company. Her family members (her sister, Janice, her brother, Todd, as well as her parents and grandfather) were played by the same actress, Stephanie Courtney. Flo has an Australian counterpart, as well, since 2011. She is named Kity and is played by Australian actress Holly Austin. Jim Cashman joined the Progressive roster in 2017 as Flo’s coworker Jamie and, earlier this month, actress Natalie Palamides starred in a commercial alongside Flo and Jamie as Mara.

With Progressive, consumers can protect their motorhome or travel trailer whether they’re seasonal or full-time, they can also get affordable coverage for their jet ski, sea-doo, waverunner and more, get specialized coverage for all their boating needs, and more.

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