Pot Noodle Man & Dog With Long Hair Advert Song

Pot Noodle Advert Long-Haired_Dog

Pot Noodle has launched a new ad campaign that aims to inspire people to cook less and live more.

The spot features a young man who decides to give up cooking and have a King Pot Noodle instead so that he could have more time to pursue his dreams. First, he gets his dog and goes to have a hair transplant. Spoiler alert: the dog is not used in this case just as a pet, but also as a donor. The next thing he does is to participate at an audition for a “metal guitar legend,” which leads him to become a rock band member. His life changes dramatically: he goes on tours, appears on magazine covers, has millions of views on YouTube.

At the end of the video, however, he sees another dog and a new idea comes to his mind. We will see if there will be a sequel.

The song used in the advert is “Panoman” by Elite Tennis Club (Theodore Music).

This is not the first time the UK brand encourages people to spend less time cooking and more time chasing their dreams. Last year, the brand created the world’s first Communal Pot Noodle (a limited edition Pot Noodle, 600% the size of a standard Pot Noodle), which debuted at a chosen university campus. The product was conceived to feed six hungry students at a time, helping them thus to cook less and live more.

The Pot Noodle range includes a variety of Pot Noodle, Pot Pasta (including Creamy Carbonara, Tomatoey Mozzarella, Spicy Arrabbiatta), Asiat Street Style, Pot Rice, and more.

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