Pass It On Get Along Commercial Song

Pass It On Commercial - Girls With Hair Mustaches

The Foundation For A Better Life, an NGO established in 2000, which creates public service campaigns communicating the values that make a difference in our communities, launched, at the end of 2017, an ad campaign entitled “Pass It On”, that focus on shared values.

At the end of 2018, one of the spots in the campaign featured a diverse cast in various situations that illustrate the idea of putting aside differences and coming together, while in the background Kenny Chesney’s single “Get Along” plays. People of different ages, races and backgrounds are shown doing sports together – from skateboarding to climbing snowy mountains – family members are shown spending quality time together, having fun on a sunny day or joining forces (aka umbrellas) to “confront” a splash on a rainy day, in the city, other people are shown doing what the song says – including painting a wall, learn a dance, calling mom, ride a boat, sing a song, and more.

The Foundation For A Better Life has also encouraged people to spread love around, show support to those around, especially to dear ones when they need it.

Other songs featured in Pass It On commercials are “We Are One” by Imagine Dragons, “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” by Bryan Adams, “Home” by Michael BublĂ©.

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