Outer Banks (Netflix 2020 Series) – Trailer Songs

Outer Banks (Netflix 2020 Series) - Trailer Actors

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming series Outer Banks.

The show is a coming of age story set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, that follows a tight-knit group of four local teens (aka the Pogues) as they set out on a mission to find their ringleader’s missing father and $400 million in gold.

According to the official syopsis, “When a hurricane kills the power for the summer season, it sets off a chain of illicit events that force the friends to make life-altering decisions. The search for their ringleader’s missing father, forbidden romances, a high-stakes treasure hunt, and the escalating conflict between the Pogues and their rivals turn their summer into one filled with mystery and adventure they’ll never forget”.

The trailer reveals quite a lot, starting with the protagonist’s plan to have a good time all the time throughout the entire summer and having that plan thwarted when he finds his missing father’s boat at the bottom of the ocean.

The songs used in the trailer are the 2014 single “Left Hand Free” by English indie rock band alt-J, from their second studio album, “This Is All Yours,” and the 2014 single “Time” by London-based modern musical collective Jungle, from their self-titled debut studio album.

Outer Banks is coming to Netflix April 15.

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