OREO TROLLS WORLD TOUR Cookies Commercial Song

OREO TROLLS WORLD TOUR Cookies Commercial Girl

OREO promotes its two limited-edition OREO TROLLS WORLD TOUR cookies in a new commercial, that also promotes the upcoming animation film Trolls World Tour, in theaters April 10.

The spot follows a family on a road trip as they have OREO Trolls World Tour cookies and their journey not only becomes gliterry, but spreads glitter and joy all around.

The soundtrack music is “Just Sing (Trolls World Tour)” from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, performed by Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, and many other actors, who give their voices to the cute characters.
The new Oreo flavors are inspired by characters from the movie named Queen Poppy and Tiny Diamond, and are in stores now.

Queen Poppy Oreos, described as having “pink colored creme with glitter”, have the usual OREO logo on one side and one of several Poppy-themed designs on the other side. The cookie part is a regular Golden Oreo, both in color and taste, and the creme is a neon pink color. The Tiny Diamond Oreo cookies, described as having “green colored creme with glitter and popping candy,” feature a classic chocolate Ore and a cream in a minty green color, with popping candy in it.

The brand has created a special Instagram filter, called Trolls World Tour Oreo filter, which offers a unique musical experience through augmented reality.

Trolls World Tour, the sequel to the 2016 smash hit movie entitled Trolls, features Queen Poppy and her friend Branch as they discover that there are six different Troll tribes, each from a different land and devoted to a different kind of music: Funk, Country, Techno, Classical, Pop and Rock. When a couple of trolls from the hard-rock royalty decide they want to destroy all other types of music, Poppy and her friends embark on a mission to save the world by unifying all Troll tribes and so they can forever live in harmony.

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