Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Commercial Song – Family On Road Trip

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Commercial

Mitsubishi showcases the new generation Pajero Sport in a new commercial, that focuses on some of its most important features.

The 30-second ad follows a family as they leave the city and go on a road trip with the new Pajero Sport to enjoy an amazing view on the top of a hill. The promotional video announces that the mid-size SUV is “more advanced” and “more tough” and boasts “more luxury”, and shines a light on the exterior design, on its cabin and the 8-inch color LCD meter, as well as on its off-road capabilities.

The commercial, scored by an uplifting track whose lyrics include “Looks like something from a movie scene, ready for a worldwide adventure, take you places you ain’t never been, cause we all get stronger,” ends with the tagline “Elevate your journey” flashing across the screen and with the voiceover urging you to “Drive your ambition”.

Produced by the Japanese manufacturer since 1996, the Pajero Sport has spanned over three generations. The facelifted third generation Pajero Sport, whose improvements also include Auto Hold parking brake, larger infotainment system and hands free electric tailgate, was launched in Thailand on July 25, 2019 for the 2020 model year and was released to markets from October 2019.

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