LIFEWTR Fox Commercial Song – The Feel Good Water

LIFEWTR Fox Commercial - The Feel Good Water

Premium bottled water brand LIFEWTR has dropped a new commercial, that encourages people to “Let creativity flow”.

The spot features the work of several artists, including a graffiti artist, a DJ, and a fashion designer. A mural featuring the head of a fox, a skateboard, a jacket and an album cover with the same bespoke design are some of the “results” of talented creatives that are shown throughout the video.

Serving as soundtrack is the 2018 single “Toast” by Jamaican reggae musician Koffee (Mikayla Simpson by her real name), from the album “Toast & Throne (Mura Masa Remixes)”.

The PepsiCo-owned brand is known for its commitment to advance and showcase sources of creativity and putting the spotlight on new emerging artists through its series of LIFEWTR bottled water. So far, it has launched eights series each focused on a particular aspect in art, such as Public Art, Women in Art, Emerging Fashion Designers, Arts in Education, Art through Technology and more. The latest series, created in partnership with Frieze and entitled “Unconventional Canvas,” champions equal access to arts and shines a light on artists who explore underlooked materials, subjects and locations to take the opportunity to bring art outside of traditional venues and reach out to new audiences.

The label artwork changes twice a year.

LIFEWTR is a purified water, pH balanced and contains the electrolytes Magnesium Sulfate and Potassium Bicarbonate, which are added for taste. It is now available in the U.K, Canada and Mexico and is expected to launch in other global markets on a rolling basis this year.

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