Huawei P40 Series Next-Image Awards Commercial Song

Huawei P40 Series Commercial

Huawei celebrates visionary photography and invites people to join them in finding what comes next with the Huawei P40 Series.

The spot, titled “Inspiration in Focus,” features numerous photos participating at the Next-Image Awards, while a voiceover talks about art as a journey and the song “Spiky Chin” by Beatking plays in the background. Among the photographers whose work is presented throughout the 90-second video are Francisca Reyes, Alexey Fokin, Wang Jia, Annie Low, Rodolfo Batres, Hu Haiwei, Kevin Miguel Sano, and others.

The Huawei NEXT-IMAGE Awards are committed, according to the brand, “to exploring alongside all HUAWEI mobile users the possibilities of next-generation smartphone photography and videography”. The winners’ work is exhibited on the Grand Palais, Paris and the Forbidden City, Beijing.

The Huawei P40 Series was unveiled on March 26, during the brand’s Online Global Launch Event. The Huawei P40 features a 6.1-inch OLED display and the Huawei P40 Pro a 6.58-inch OLED display with 90Hz image refresh rate. The HUawei P40 Pro’s display runs right up unto the top and bottom frontside of its body and has a pill-shaped punch hole in the front upper left, where an array of cameras and sensors rests. The front-facing cameras and sensors on this device allow 32-megapixel photos with f/2.2 apertures. This smartphone’s camera setup has optical image stabilization right out the gate, a 40MP camera with ultra-wide angle lens, and a 12MP “SuperSensing” camera with f/3.4 aperture. Other features include fingerprint sensor, ambient light, proximity sensor, compass, an acceleration senso, USB-C port for power and data, dual-SIM card readers (2x nano-SIM), with NanoMemory.

The manufacturer says it drew inspiration from the Eagle Eye that can spot prey from 3 km distance and that is why the zoom should bring better resolution and clarity.

The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro will be available in a variety of colors, Silver, Gold, White, Black – and likely additional colors after initial launch.

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