Homebase Gary the Tortoise Advert Songs

Homebase TV Advert - Gary the Tortoise

Leading home and garden projects retailer Homebase has launched a new ad campaign, introducing Gary the Tortoise.

The spot, created by agency Atomic London, features a family gardening in their backyard and Gary showing up in an unexpected way to join them outside. The turtle comes out of the house running and jumps over a barrow before arriving “at the destination”. “Ha, Gary’s out,” the mother announces out loud, after seeing the pet.

The advert, set to the iconic theme song from the TV series Black Beauty, “Black Beauty (Galloping Home)” performed by London String Chorale, ends with the voiceover saying “At Homebase we have everything you need to grow a whole new room” and adding the tagline “Homebase – Feels good to be home”. The song playing at the end is Dan Croll’s 2013 single “Home,” from his first album, “Sweet Disarray”.

The campaign, which aims to encourage people to get out of their house and into the garden, where they could create a space just like they want to enjoy quality time with family and friends or spend relaxing moments, is set to debut on TV, across all major channels, on March 23rd.

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