Future Man Season 3 (Hulu 2020 Series) – Trailer Song

Future Man Season 3 (Hulu 2020 Series) - Actor Playing Jesus

Hulu has released the trailer for the third and final season of its comedy series Future Man.

The show, created by Howard Overman, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir, follows Josh Futturman, a research facility janitor who, after successfully completing his favorite game, Biotic Wars, which was considered unbeatable, is recruited by the game’s two main characters, Tiger and Wolf, to save the world from the real Biotic Wars. Thus, Josh and his companions travel trough time to change the future.

The cast includes Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe, and Derek Wilson in the leading roles.

The upcoming season sees Josh, Tiger, and Wolf becoming fugitives as they are convicted of time crimes and sentenced to death by entertainment. According to the official synopsis, in their attempt to evade capture, they also try to clear their names and fix the big mess of history they’ve made along the way.

The trailer features Seth Rogen’s character continuing his mission to capture Josh and his friends, who are traveling quite a lot through time. Scenes feature Jesus, Ghandy, and more.

The song used in the trailer is “I Gotta Rise Up NBA2K Promo Version” by Bachi & THICC James.

Season 3 of Future Man will be available to stream April 3rd, only on Hulu.

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