eBay 94 Seconds Advert

eBay 94 Seconds Advert Motorcycle

eBay enables you to keep life moving – whatever happens.” this is the idea behind the latest eBay ad running in the UK.

The spot, titled “94 seconds,” tells – in an original way – the story of a couple who, after 94 seconds, became parents and, a later date, after other 94 seconds, became parents for the second time and their needs changed. With no characters on screen, the ad illustrates the idea of an evolving relationship and family dynamics through personal belongings inside the apartment.

“It was just another weekend for the young couple, but 94 short seconds were about to change everything. Soon, they had to sell past loves to fund their new love,” the voiceover says, while on screen high heels and a motorcyle are shown disappearing to make room for toys and a baby carriage. “And just as they got the hung of things, they spent another 94 fateful seconds together,” the voiceover adds. When the baby carriage is replaced by a double baby carriage, the voiceover concludes that it’s time for the couple to buy a minivan.

“Buy, sell, eBay” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

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