BOLT24 Serena Williams Commercial Song


BOLT24 Serena Williams Commercial

Gatorade’s offshoot brand Bolt24 has enlisted Serena Williams to star in its first ad campaign, which focuses on off-the-court athletes.

The spot features the legendary tennis champion working on some fashion designs while onscreen lines in capital letters inform that the beverage contains electrolytes from watermelon and sea salt and no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

The soundtrack is the 2016 single “Come Down” by American singer Anderson .Paak, from his second studio album, “Malibu”.

The brand also focuses on other superstars away from the game for its first campaign. Zion Williamson and Karl-Anthony Towns also star. Whilst the first one is featured rehabbing his knee, the former is shown at the barber shop.

Gatorade’s senior vice-president and general manager, Brett O’Brien, said in a press statement that “You see familiar athletes in this campaign, but in very unfamiliar circumstances for us.” “They’re so focused on just getting ready and getting back into the game. For us, it’s about what role Bolt plays in that, and that’s where we felt this has to look, feel, [and] act different than anything you see from Gatorade,” he also said.

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