#blackAF (Netflix 2020 Series) – Trailer Song

#blackAF (Netflix 2020 Series) - Trailer Actors

From the creator of “black-ish” comes a brand new comedy on Netflix, called “#blackAF”.

The streaming service has dropped the official trailer for the show, which stars Kenya Barris and Rashida Jones as husband and wife. Barris, who also served as a creator of the family comedy series, portrays a fictionalized version of himself – a successful Hollywood writer, and Jones plays his wife, Joya. According to the official synopsis, #blackAF “uncovers the messy, unfiltered and often hilarious world of what it means to be a ‘new money’ black family trying to get it right in a modern world where ‘right’ is no longer a fixed concept”.

The cast also includes Tyler Perry, Nia Long, Mike Epps, Lena Waithe and Kym Whitley as guest stars.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse into family’s life, which is filmed by the couple’s teenage daughter as a documentary. The trailer features Barris video chatting with Ava DuVernay, Issa Rae and more, and Joya putting together Samsung watches and Fendi keychains for the guests at a kid’s birthday party they host. “Are the kids Golden Globe nominees?” her husband asks her. In another scene, she complains that, as the mixed mom of a black family, “you are constantly tested on your blackness… For instance, she is asked to “Name all the members of the Wayans family,” which she points out no one knows.

The song used in the trailer is the 2019 single “BOP” by American rapper DaBaby, from his debut album, “Baby On Baby”.

#blackAF arrives on Netflix April 17.

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