Volvo Trucks on Top of Each Other Commercial Song – Feat. Roger Alm

 Volvo Trucks Commercial - Feat. Roger Alm

Volvo has released a new commercial to announce the launch of four new trucks strong enough to carry each other.

The 80-second film, titled “The Tower”, features the brand’s new four trucks stacked on top of each other and forming thus a tower that drives through a mysterious landscape. Standing on top of it is Roger Alm, the President of Volvo Trucks, and in the background the 1994 song “Conquest of Paradise” by Greek composer Vangelis (which served as soundtrack for Ridley Scott’s 1992 film 1492: Conquest of Paradise) is playing.

“We are launching four new trucks strong enough to carry each other and our president” onscreen lines read at the end of the film, which introduces the Volvo FMX, the Volvo FH, the Volvo FH16 and the Volvo FM and also informs that the tower was made possible thanks to the new bogie that can carry up to 38 tonnes.

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