Volkswagen Golf IQ Light Where Life Happens Commercial Song

Volkswagen Golf IQ Commercial

Volkswagen showcases the new Golf in a commercial that carries the hashtag #lifehappenswithgolf.

The 40-second ad opens with the line “This is where life happens” flashing across the screen as the song “Start It Up” by Campfire begins to play. The new Golf is shown speeding down the desert city streets at night and then out of the city and the line “Where your light comes with IQ” appears.

“IQ.Light. Life happens with a Golf. The all-new Golf,” says the voiceover at the end of the commercial.

Earlier this year, the automaker celebrated the retirement of the legendary Beetle, after 70 years, with an emotional animated film, created in partnership with agency Johannes Leonardo and Nexus Studios’ Fx Goby, which paid homage to the iconic vehicle, making reference to various moments and situations.

Volkswagen, that declared its commitment to achieving global carbon neutrality across its fleet, production, and administration by 2050, to reducing its global carbon footprint by 30% by 2025, and to being carbon neutral globally by 2050, announced the arrival of 70 new electric vehicles to market around the world the upcoming years.

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