Unibet Commercial Song: Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen

Unibet Commercial - Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen

Unibet entered historic sponsorship with chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen and released a commercial to announce it.

“It’s all about the preparation. The hard work. Doing the same thing. Over and over. And over again. Making your body ready. Your mind. Your soul powers months, years of work. Never stop. Making the most out of every single thing. Then, you might be lucky,” says the voiceover on the 85-second spot, which is set to the tune of “Luck Is No Coincidence” by Jonathan Sigsworth.

Carlsen announced his collaboration with the Malta-based provider of sports betting, online casinos, online bingo and poker at a press conference in Stockholm, earlier this year. He will act, for the next two years, as a “global ambassador”.

Carlsen also reaffirmed his enthusiasm for this two-year partnership and shared the commercial on Twitter. Some of the Twitter users brought into discussion the ethical implications of promoting sports betting, noting in particular that Unibet offers betting on chess itself.

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