The Letter for the King (Netflix 2020 Series) – Trailer

The Letter for the King (Netflix 2020 Series)

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming fantasy series The Letter for the King.

The show, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Tonke Dragt, is set in a fantasy realm and revolves around Tiuri, a teenage knight-in-training (played by Amir Wilson), who receives a secret letter on which the fate of the kingdom depends. According to the official synopsis, “He embarks on an epic quest to deliver it to the king and stop the world from being plunged into darkness”.

The cast also includes Ruby Serkis, Andy Serkis, Thaddea Graham and Gijs Blom.

“Define your destiny. Conquer your fears. Take the leap.” onscreen lines read throughout the trailer, which gives viewers a glimpse into the dangers the young man faces on his journey to deliver the letter to the King. “I don’t care who they send. I’m going to deliver this letter. Or I’m going to die trying,” Wilson’s character says at the end of the trailer.

The Letter for the King, consisting of six episodes, premieres March 20.

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