Mercedes-Benz GLB 2020 Father & Daughter Commercial Song

Mercedes-Benz GLB 2020 - Astronaut Girl

Mercedes-Benz showcases the new GLB 2020 in a new commercial, featuring a loving young father who tries to keep up with the curious mind of his daughter.

The 60-second spot, titled “Open for What’s Next” and aimed at highlighting that the new GLB is perfect for everybody who wants a versatile car to match a fun and active lifestyle, follows the man as he’s supporting his daughter to discover new passions. She tries a variety of sports, from sword to swimming to rollerskating to ice skating to cooking to playing soccer to playing the drums. The new GLB 2020, with the third row seats, MBUX and many more features, helps the father deal with all kinds of situations throughout this challenging “journey” with the pre-teenage girl. At some point, though, it turns out he needs some additional help from the babysitter.

The song used in the ad is Stevie Wonder’s hit single “My Girl” from his seventh studio album, “I Was Made to Love Her”.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLB 2020 is described as a versatile SUV and a spacious family car. It features powerful and efficient four-cylinder engines, driving assistance systems with cooperative support for the driver, the intuitively operable infotainment system MBUX and the comprehensive convenience control ENERGIZING Comfort.

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