Heinz Commercial Song: Find the Goodness Four at Once

Heinz Super Bowl Commercial

Heinz has launched its new “Find the Goodness” campaign on Super Bowl night.

The ad, which marks Wieden & Kennedy New York’s first work for the brand, has a split-screen format and features four story lines. The first story begins in the top left corner and shows a creepy clown in a creepy diner. In the top right corner a teenager is shown meeting his girlfriend’s evil-seeming parents. While in the botton left corner a family is featured during a moving day that appears haunted, in the right quadrant an alien is shown. What they all have in common: the iconic Heinz ketchup bottle.

The soundtrack music is “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by The Four Tops.

Dalia Adler, brand build lead at Heinz, said in a press statement “You’re not going to be able to take it all in the first time.” “While the ad focuses on ketchup, other Heinz products and details make cameos throughout the spot ‘that will definitely require re-watching to spot,'” she also said, mentioning that the ad aimed to illustrate the idea that “Heinz can add goodness to any situation”.

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