Facebook Super Bowl 2020 Commercial Song – Feat. Sylvester Stallone & Chris Rock

Facebook Super Bowl 2020 Commercial - Feat. Sylvester Stallone

“Whatever you rock, there’s a Facebook Group for you,” this is the message conveyed through Facebook’s Super Bowl

“Facebook Groups are an everyday resource where you can connect over things you care about – a place to exchange new recipes, learn what’s happening in your neighborhood, seek or receive support around new life events, or simply bond over things like Super Bowl, Sylvester Stallone or Chris Rock” – that was the idea behind the Big Game ad from the social network, which featured a diverse cast illustrating a variety of groups, including Table Rock Lake, Craft Cocktail Club, Moab Rock Climbers, Starting Strongman, From the Front Porch, Rock Buggies, Amateur Experimental Rocketery, Alcatraz Triathletes, Rockhounds, Clonehenge Stonehenge Replicas Unleashed, Stone Sculptors Around the World, and Rocky Balboa Going the Distance. When this last group is shown, Chris Rock turns around, asking viewers “Who’d you expect?” “I don’t know, me?!” Stallone answers as he shows up.

Serving as soundtrack is “I Wanna Rock” by Twister Sister.

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