Eurostar Ostrich in Paris Market Advert

Eurostar Ostrich Advert

Eurostar has released a new ad campaign, created by Engine, that aims to inspire people to travel with Eurostar “You see more when you don’t fly”.

One of the spots follows Seymour, a thrill-seeking ostrich with its feet firmly on the ground, who explores a quirky market in Paris. The bird stops to admire a portrait painting, bumps into an antique harp and more.

The other spot, set in London, features the non-flyer observing mohawk-sporting rockers in a Camden museum.

The campaign, which is set to run nationally across TV and cinemas in the UK and France throughout February, also includes print, outdoor, cinema and digital activity.

“The Ostrich was hatched by Richard Nott and David Dearlove at Engine and nurtured into maturity by Patrick Daughters’ direction and MPC’s sorcery,” Leon Jaume, Executive Creative Director at ENGINE, said of the protagonist.

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