Coors Light Advert Song: Man Swimming in the Ice Up the Mountain


Coors Light TV Advert

Coors Light, “the world’s most refreshing beer,” is advertised in a new spot, which mark’s agency Havas London’s debut work for the brand.

Set in the Rockies in Colorado, where Adolph Coors, the brewery’s founder, made his first beer in 1873, the ad features a man wearing trunks, goggles, and a swimming cap as he dives into the icy snow and “swims” up the “Coors Mountain,” at the peak, to a sort of bar, where he grabs a Coors Light once he arrives.

The advert, scored by the song “Fresh” by FooR & Majestic & Dread MC, concludes with the tagline “Whatever you do, keep it fresh”.

The campaign will run across different channels – from TV, to out-of-home, social media, digital and PR activity, and will also include idents that will appear across Coors Light’s sponsorship of the Comedy on 4 segment on Channel 4.

“‘Keep it fresh’ is more than just a new advertising line, it’s an attitude. And having been born in the Rocky Mountains – the freshest place on Earth – it’s one we’re uniquely placed to own,” Sophie Jamieson, marketing controller of American beers at Molson Coors, said in a press statement, mentioning that, with the launch of this campaign, they are shifting their focus from simply telling a story to fundamentally how they behave as a brand.

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