Cadillac Commercial Song: People Chasing Cadillac Cars

Cadillac Commercial

Cadillac says its cars are “for those who make a way, find a way, and challenge the rest to get out of the way” in its newest ad campaign.

One of the spots released by Detroit’s General Motors Co.-owned brand, titled “No Barriers,” features a diverse cast making their way through walls, windows, and more to chase Cadillac cars as a metaphor for the grit of those who make their own way to success. One woman clad in a red suit is shown passing through the window of the office building she’s working in, one man is shown sprinting through a library, and others are shown running after Cadillac vehicles that drive down the city streets.

“Cadillac. For those who make a way, find a way, and challenge the rest to get out of the way. Others talk about the road to success. We make cars for it,” the voiceover says at the end of the ad, when the new vehicle lineup is showcased.

Serving as soundtrack is “Nobody Speak” by DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels.

The campaign also includes other two spots – one titled “Finish Line” and another one featuring Regina King and the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, which is a redesigned edition of the luxury SUV, with more passenger and cargo space, curved OLED screen technology, and more than 38 total inches diagonal of displays. The vehicle was introduced February 4 in Hollywood.

The spots will air during ABC’s presentation of the 92nd Oscars, on Sunday. The automotive brand has advertised during the Academy Awards, whose broadcast is second to the Super Bowl in global viewership, for seven years.

The Oscar-winning actress and director said, in a press statement, that “Cadillac has always represented success… there’s a swagger, a sexiness, to the vehicles.” “There’s also a realness and a sense of ambition that I identify with. Through sheer perseverance, I’ve found my way through doors some never thought possible. There’s a real connection for me with Cadillac, and that is why I wanted to get involved,” she added.

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