British Gas Advert Song: Here to Solve Bathroom

British Gas TV Advert Dog

British Gas has launched a new ad campaign aimed at positioning the brand as more than just an energy supplier.

One of the spots, titled “Bathroom,” that focuses on the HomeCare cover and boiler installation, includes footage of real families in their bathroom, doing all kinds of things, from using the toilet and learning new, life-changing things, such as a pregnancy, to brushing teeth, taking baths, showering, and even washing underwear in the sink. The problems they encounter are immediately solved by British Gas engineers, who show up at the customers’ doorstep and fix what needs to be fixed.

Serving as soundtrack is “Orpheus in the Underworld: Can Can (Excerpt from Overture),” a song by Jacques Offenbach, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Norman Sattler.

British Gas’s marketing director Jill Dougan said, in a press statement “the whole rationale behind the campaign is trying to show people we understand the pressures and complexity of modern-day life”. “We are trying to get across that we are not that big energy company, actually we are just there to make your life run more smoothly,” he also said.

British Gas is known for having used, in the past five year, Wilbur the penguin as its mascot and animated CGI animals in the past decade.

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