Ally Bank Lazy Money Commercial

Ally Bank Commercial - Fifty Dollars

Ally Bank, the world’s most popular online bank, advertises its new smart savings tools in a new commercial, titled “What Is Your Money Doing?”.

The spot points out that, while you’re working hard, your bank might be letting your money be lazy, and highlights that Ally is not doing that. Throughout the ad, several dollar bills are shown living the life: some of them are sleeping late, others are taking long baths, others are lounging on the sofa, watching TV, and more.

Eventually, the voiceover urges viewers to make their money work harder than ever with Ally’s new smart savings tool. “For all things money, you deserve an ally,” the voiceover adds.

Serving as soundtrack is “Busy Doing Nothing” by Richard M. Sherman.

The bank’s new savings tools were first introduced in the fourth quarter of 2019 but to a small pool of customers.

Now, all those who sign up for an online savings account with Ally can benefit from features like Savings Buckets, Boosters, and other features designed to help them “organize and optimize their money”.

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