Spotify Pet Playlists Hamster Commercial Song

Spotify Pet Playlists Commercial - Hamster

Spotify has come up with a new feature – Pet Playlists – offering users the possibility to generate special playlists for their pets, based on their personality traits.

The streaming service has released some new commercials to promote the playlists, which can be for five different animals: dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, and hamsters. The spot dedicated for the last one features a young man running on a treadmill and his hamster, who’s running on his own “treadmill”. The soundtrack music is the 2019 single “Sway” by Ceraadi, from the “Ceraadi’s Playlist” album. “Ceraadi’s Playlist” album.

Spotify says its Pet Playlists will make a playlist for your pet based on their personality traits so this is the reason why you must define a few traits in order for the service to “understand” if the pet is shy or friendly, apathetic or curious, relaxed or energetic, and so on. The playlist will also be generated based on your own interests, as well. In addition, you can indicate the pet’s name and choose a photo so that the playlist could have an icon with the animal’s name on it.

Another commercial from the series features an old man dancing with his dog in the living room while in the background the song “You And Me” by Durand Jones & The Indications is playing.

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