Progressive Halftime Show Smash Mouth Commercial Song

Progressive Halftime Show Smash Mouth Commercial

Progressive highlights, in its latest commercial, that you can save hundreds of dollars if you bundle home and auto.

The 30-second spot features Flo (played by actress/comedian Stephanie Courtney) sitting in an armchair in a young couple’s living room and informing them that new customers save over a thousand dollars on average when they bundle home and auto with Progressive. Immediately after she finishes the sentence, the Progressive halftime show featuring Smash Mouth begins. The rock band is shown onstage, performing its best known song, “All Star” and then saying “Good night” to the audience.

Viewers are subsequently encouraged to enjoy to second half of the commercial, which sees Flo telling the couple the halftime show was from their kitchen.

Flo, created by agency Arnold Worldwide, is played by actress/comedian Stephanie Courtney, who took over this role for TV in 2008. Courtney also play other members of Flo’s family, including her sister, Janice, her brother, Todd, as well as her parents and grandfather.

In 2011, Progressive introduced an Australian counterpart to Flo, named Kitty, played by Australian actress Holly Austin.

In 2017, the insurance company tapped actor Jim Cashman to play Jamie, Flo’s co-worker. In one of the spots, dubbed “Jamie’s Twin”, he even had a doppelganger, played by British actor Jack Turner.

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