Kia Seltos Commercial Song – No Matter What Comes Next

Kia Seltos Commercial

Kia advertises the Kia Seltos in a new commercial, that carries the tagline “No matter what comes next”.
The 60-second spot follows the compact SUV as it speeds up and down a road, through the rain, the dark, the fog, and more.

“Fearless, as always, no matter what comes next,” an onscreen line reads throughout the commercial, which is scored by a catchy tune, whose lyrics include “I want to disappear into the air, when I feel you under my skin, you’re under my skin”.

The brand’s new car, which marked the entry of Kia Motors in India, made its global debut last year, on June 20, and was launched in August. It was advertised by Bollywood star Tiger Shroff and Meerkat in a promotional video.
The vehicle is available with three BSVI compliant engine options.

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