ATG Singing Horses Commercial Opera Song

ATG Singing Horses Commercial

Swedish betting company ATG has launched a new ad campaign, in partnership with agency Åkestam Holst Sweden, to highlight the idea that ATGs horses deliver more than you can expect in term of big wins.

One of the spots, directed by Robert Jitzmark and produced by Camp David, features two horses singing an opera song (“Kapitel 7: Die Zauberflöte,” a song by Elisabeth Findeis, Matthias Ponnier, Max Beer, and Paul Clementi) in front of an admiring farm.

“Two winners just shared $800,000 from our horse betting. That calls for a duetto” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

Another spot features a stallion performing a Japanese romantic hit from the ’60s called “Sukiyaki” and originally performed by Kyu Sakamoto.

The Swedish market is open for competitors to offer horse betting since January 2019.

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