Sky Sport New Zealand Commercial Song: Toddler Running on the Beach


Sky Sport New Zealand Commercial Babies

DDB New Zealand highlights, once again, that “Life Needs More Sport” in its newest campaign for Sky Sport New Zealand.

The spot features a cheeky toddler “escaping” his father, who was about to change his diaper, and running along the beach, while in the background the 1967 song “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)” by Memphis, TN Rock and Roll quartet The Hombres is playing.

Sky’s “Life Needs More Sport” new campaign includes several other spots and a series of out of home executions created by the same agency to remind Kiwis that adding sport to life makes it that little bit better. They are all in the same style, putting a humorous sporting spin on everyday situations to celebrate the launch of a new streaming service called Sky Sports Now, that offers access to all 12 Sky Sport and ESPN channels, making sport more accessible to New Zealanders.

Steve Bayliss, Sky’s chief marketing officer, says this new campaign demonstrates the potential longevity and flexibility of the platform the team have created: “Our customers have responded very positively to our revamped sports line-up so far and the ‘Life Needs More Sport’ campaign has played a key role in that. The latest round of work is further evidence of the great storytelling opportunities it provides”.

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